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With Solar Energy

Aright has extensive experience in implementing solar projects from conception, financing, and execution to operations and maintenance. The group is now developing three inter-state-grid-connected solar parks, with a combined capacity of over 7.1GWdc in Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur in the state of Rajasthan, India. Aright is developing solar park projects for global private equity funds, renewable energy companies, and Indian public sector undertakings.

10,500 acres


ISTS connected

12,250 acres


ISTS connected


Under Development

We have earlier successfully designed, constructed and commissioned a 175MWdc solar plant selling power to NTPC, India’s largest power producer and purchaser. Aright has since exited the project to recycle capital for building new sustainable projects. Aright has successfully implemented a 552MWdc Bikaner-II ISTS connected Solar Park in February 2024.

Proving Excellence
With Our Solar Power Projects

We believe that in order to realise our vision, it is crucial to have well-trained and competent execution and operating teams. Therefore, we employ experienced professionals and ensure the highest standards with an ISO certified quality management system for development, engineering, procurement, construction and operation of our projects.

Our Partners

To meet unparalleled efficiency and performance standards, we partner with industry-leading manufacturers: