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Aright is working towards the goals of decarbonising India and contributing to the nation's energy security by aiding in the transition from fossil fuel to green hydrogen. The company is collaborating with leading green hydrogen producers and renowned international equity investors to produce green hydrogen by using renewable energy in India.

In 2020, India’s total demand for hydrogen stood at 6mn tonnes and is expected to cross 28mn tonnes by 2050.

Hydrogen Storage

Impact of Green Hydrogen
On Various Industries



Ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen, used as a fundamental component of fertilizers. Consequently, it is essential for India's food security.


Iron and Steel

Hydrogen has the potential to decarbonise the steel industry which accounts for 9% of greenhouse gas emissions in the country.


and Refining

Hydrogen is crucial in desulphurisation of crude oil to meet India's stage VI emission standards.

Energy efficient

and Shipping

The hydrogen fuel cell is a promising technology to run both passenger and long-haul modes of transport while causing less harm to the planet.


Power Storage

Excess power can be stored as hydrogen for extended periods and used to produce electricity when required. In addition, the stored hydrogen can be shipped to supply energy to remote locations where electrification is not feasible.

Going Green

Green hydrogen is produced using renewable energy through electrolysis. This process involves using an electrical current to separate hydrogen from oxygen in the water. By powering this process with renewable energy from sources such as solar or wind, green hydrogen is produced.

Hydrogen Storage