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The Right Walk
Towards ChangeTowards Change

About Aright

‘Aright’ originates from the Middle English word ‘ariȝt’ or ‘ariht’, which means “to do things correctly and in the right manner”. The principle of ‘aright’ is built into the Group’s philosophy and way of doing business.

With its inception in 2012, Aright carved out a niche in the Agri-Warehousing Space in India, with the vision to become an end-to-end post-harvest supply chain management platform. From 2015, we gradually moved towards opportunities in renewable energy, creating world-class assets and redefining the energy landscape to deliver a cleaner environment for future generations. Moving forward in 2020, with our precision farming projects in India, we strive to provide communities with produce grown locally in a sustainable and dependable environment.

Aright currently operates 10 agri-warehousing facilities, 25 acres of precision farms in India. In addition, the group is developing 7.1GWdc of solar farms for financial and strategic investors and is exploring the development of a green hydrogen production facility.

By contributing to food and energy security through our benchmark-setting projects, we further strengthen our resolve to create integrated, viable and impactful businesses.

Scripting Impact
With Our Solutions

Ordinary Choices

Require Extraordinary Actions

Renewable Energy


Aright has successfully developed, built and operated, in collaboration with other investors, a 175MWdc Solar PV project. The group has three ongoing solar park projects in Bikaner, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, with a combined capacity of about 1800MWdc.

Renewable Energy

Minigrid Projects

We are implementing 14 MiniGrid Solar Plants in Rajasthan under the PM Kusum Scheme Component C. This project provides reliable power to rural areas during peak demand hours and reduces dependency on state and national grids, supporting local farmers and enhancing agricultural productivity.

Zero-Loss Warehouse


With almost zero loss of food grains over the past ten years, we have successfully established world-class agri-warehousing facilities on 450 acres of land, storing 1.3 billion kgs of food grains.

Precision Farming


Upholding our belief in food security, soil regeneration, reducing carbon footprint and social impact, we have recently developed a combination of poly-house and net-house precision farms spanning over 25 acres.


Created the most extensive privately-owned, food-grain storage facilities capable of storing 1.3 billion kg of food

Incorporated Aright Green Power Pvt. Ltd.

Commissioned 175MWdc Bhadla Solar Park, Rajasthan and later exited in 2020

Incorporated Aright Greentech Private Limited in India, and Aright Greentech Canada Ltd. (AGCL) and collaborated with Cubic Farm Systems Corp

Set up AGCL Canada Farm Project approved by Farm Credit Canada

In the process of setting up three 400MWac Solar Parks for global Private Equity funds and a listed Indian renewable energy company

Driven by the Vision

Build a global company contributing to energy and food security, sustainably.

Aligned with our Mission

Advance sustainable food and energy value-chains for a carbon-neutral and more secure future by establishing precision farms, world-class renewable energy facilities and green-fuel infrastructure.

Core Values


Ensure honesty and fairness in all our endeavours


Proactively take responsibility for our actions

Sustainability Stewardship

Address current needs while creating opportunities and stability for all stakeholders and the environment


Solve difficult problems to overcome challenges creatively


Deliver the highest quality and value through intelligent design, sourcing, execution and operations