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Bringing Change
By Action



Developing and nurturing renewable energy resources is one of our key focus areas. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) estimates that 90 per cent of the world’s electricity can and should come from renewable sources by 2050. Taking this forward, we are investing a lot on our best-in-class and uniquely designed renewable power projects.


Reducing Food Loss

Inadequate infrastructure and supply chain inefficiencies have led to high levels of food wastage. Our sustainability framework aligns with multiple United Nations' SDGs, working towards ending hunger and ensuring access to safe, nutritious food. To enable this, our Agri-social facilities are equipped with the best-in-class grain storage systems resulting in almost zero wastage.


Water Conservation

With ever-depleting water tables and water scarcity, the time has arrived to adopt concrete steps for water conservation and proper usage. Our water conservation efforts have positively impacted local communities and the environment. Moving forward, we have invested in ‘more crop per drop’ plans through our advanced irrigation infrastructure across our precision farming facilities. This has facilitated 80% lower water utilisation and enhanced per acre yield by 2 to 10x.


Equal Opportunity and Women’s Empowerment

Everyone is given equal career growth opportunities at the company's facilities in India. Aright Greentech is woman-led and has a high representation of women employees working towards a sustainable goal. In our farms in India, we employ around 50 women from neighbouring villages. These women are paid competitive wages and are also provided transportation.


Local Employment

Being supportive of local people, Aright employs from the immediate vicinity of its agri-warehouses, precision farms and renewable power parks during all stages of developing and operating the projects. This has led to economic development in neighbouring communities.


Enhancing Skills

The company provides initial orientation on precision farming techniques for the roles required by the workforce, and ongoing upskilling programmes regarding cultivation of different crops. With a view to empower the workforce, Aright provides proper employment opportunities and future-ready, on-the-job training skills to all its employees.

Efforts Turned Into Actions

Wind Energy

Facilitating Access
to low-carbon energy

Green Industry



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