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Eat Local, Strengthen Your Roots
A New Beginning

We aim to provide people with locally grown, nutrient-rich and culturally diverse produce with a better balance of nutrition and flavour all year round through efficient growing systems across India. The need for better management of crops begins at the pre-harvest stage and continues post-harvest. Similar to our agriculture warehousing and renewable energy projects, our precision farms are another endeavour towards sustainable development.

Highlights in numbers

6 Polyhouse


0,0 sq. ft.

of grow area


0.0 km

of trough length

8 Net-House


0,0 sq. ft.

of grow area


0.0 km

of trough length

Drip Irrigation

uses 80% less water and is nutrient efficient

Controlled Growth Environment

Increases yield by 2 to 10x, prevents pests and improves bio-fortification

Zero Soil

High-grade coco peat, transported from South India, conserves soil from degradation

Our Produce

We ensure maximum efficiency for crop management by employing advanced, automated irrigation systems from Israel. This ensures that the nutritional value of the crops remains high.

We strive to provide higher yields while producing the best quality by combining modern technology with ecological farming. We are actively working towards growing healthy and pest-free produce with crops like:

Our Unique

Growth Environment

Climate-controlled farms resulting in healthier produce with higher yields all year round.

Water Treatment

Commercial grade RO system treats water for proper dosing of nutrients.

State-of-the-art Irrigation Systems

Our irrigation system, maintains water within the optimum range of electrical conductivity, pH and other fertigation parameters. This advanced fully-automated system developed by Israel-based Netafim, also prevents water wastage. Its unique analogue dosing valve helps in producing high crop yields while conserving water, fertilizer and manual labour.

Grow Medium

High-grade coco peat, a sterile pest free medium sourced from South India, conserves soil and ensures higher water retention which helps in better quality and quantity of produce.

Solar Storage Facilities

Our solar energy powered cold storage facility keeps produce fresh for consumptions and prevents wastage.

Low On Waste and Chemicals

Farming in a controlled and soil-less medium keeps our crops safe from pests and weeds. Therefore, our need for pesticides is negligible, ensuring the produce is free from toxic levels of harmful chemicals and is healthy for consumption.

Distribution Network

Company-owned and operated fleet of vehicles ensures timely delivery as per customer requirements without transit losses. This gives us daily access to nearby markets in Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Rampura, Sirsa and other key hubs in the region for distribution in local markets.